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There is an EGGsly™ in each of us.

OpenSea Collection: https://opensea.io/collection/eggsly-io-by-karrie-ross

EGGsly Leggacy #1 https://opensea.io/collection/eggsly-io-by-karrie-ross

OG EGGsly collection: https://opensea.io/collection/eggsly-100
Karrie Ross: http://karrieross.com --- Twitter @karrieross


Whats up About EGGsly

EGGsly Leggacy #1 is a NFT project created to promote the ideas of “see, hear, speak” who we are, a connecting with ourselves through observing our thoughts, feelings and actions. There is an EGGsly in each of us, learn to connect to that inner moments of experiences with the world around us. Use imagination, to find the you YOU are! The images explore emotions, reactions, feelings and more that you might go through in a given moment, day, lifetime. In this initial series its all simple, fun explorative scenes. Time will tell what shows up in future leggacy series.

I entered the nft space April 2021 looking to create a legacy for my art which i have found that having an nft in as many wallets as i can is a good one. I've had the time of my life.

I created EGGsly OG 100 for a September launch because i needed to see if i could successfully create an art project that was all digital. EGGsly became a fun story, a story of finding oneself, myself, and I built on it over time until one day ... it became my first generative project. I made it 1,000 nfts so I could play with it... see if i can create a project that will grow in the way I look at design, and within the generative project concept. It might seem that i'm following what has become the norm but Series Two I am hoping will take you to another place of enjoyment.

Can you hodl? Do you think you can be a diamond hands? Well EGGsly Leggacy #1 is the perfect nft project.

EGGsly Leggacy #1 NFT becomes a mint pass for some future projects, and as a thank you for buying a EGGsly™ Leggacy #1, it allows you to claim a Leggacy #2 NFT, free.

Buy 1 Leggacy One EGGsly — Claim 1 Leggacy Two
(at the time of the initial launch, just pay for gas)

EGGsly™ Leggacy #1 is a collection of gender-neutral, randomly generated NFTs built from 276 unique hand drawn traits and exists on the Ethereum Blockchain.

EGGsly™ Leggacy #1 is currently open to, and considering all options, IP, including licensing opportunities for all merchandising products.

The OG EGGsly collection from 2021

The first EGGsly images were created in 2021 on the polygon blockchain. Each OG NFT are hand-drawn traits, and assembled, some are animated in Photoshop, making them one-of-a-kind, and were dropped starting September 3, 2021. NFTs #1-10 of the OG collection are the building parts of EGGsly, the remaining are emotions and adventures. Looking to add to the collection over time with custom and collaborative NFTs.


The First Two Leggacy's and Minting

Leggacy One

A series of unique generative NFTs of EGGsly™ Leggacy #1 that begin the series. It acts as a mint pass for the first time minting of Series Two.

Buy 1 Leggacy One EGGsly — Claim 1 Leggacy Two
(at the time of the initial launch, just pay for gas)

Leggacy Two

A series of unique generative NFTs images in the EGGsly™ Leggacy #1 series. With 1,000 NFTs available to holders of EGGsly™ Leggacy #1 NFT(s) to claim one Leggacy #2 NFT at initial mint. (holder is responsible for gas charges) There will be additional NFTs for public sale.

Note: After Leggacy #2 is minted the project will be re-evaluated as to moving forward.

Future Leggacy's (TBD)

Series of TBD unique generative NFT images in the Leggacy. Ownership of an EGGsly #1 NFT in your wallet will be your mint pass to purchase furture NFTs. (holder is responsible for purchase and gas charges) There will be additional NFTs for sale.

This sums up the activity that is seen for the EGGsly™ Leggacy collection at this time.


The Leggacy Team:

Karrie Ross, "The EGGs started to show up in my art after several accidents, (rear-end, tbi 2014, tbi/concussion 2018) they have become an important part of my life, the story of each piece, and continue to this day to add interest to all of my art, fine art as well as nfts."

EGGsly #1 is created and illustrated by Karrie Ross. She shares her love of EGGs, and the actions of experience, observation and play are exampled in each piece of art. The images express emotions reactions to in-the-life experiences for EGGsly.

Karrie Ross is a Los Angeles artist whose distinctive, metaphorical, whimsical narrative, thought-provoking art-pieces revolve around the central theme of energy. She believes that the potential to create one's own energy has the power to alter a person's experiences & life circumstances. Twitter @karrieross


Thanking Hashku.com for being the dev for this project, coordinating from wait list through minting. Mint Page: http://www.eggslynft.com


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